Be Warned: You have enormous power within… enough power to achieve anything you want, this page shows you how to wake that power… are you really ready?

36 laws

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Learn How To Really Achieve Your Goals And Dreams,
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Unexpected Visionary And Award Winning Teacher
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Learn The Simple Goal Achievement Techniques
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Warning One: Nobody Will Do It For You… It’s 100%
Up To You Whether You Achieve Your Goals Or Not

Warning Two: This Works… And Change Is Scary
For Most, So Don’t Be Shocked If You Experience
Radical Positive Changes In Your Life, And Friends
And Family Ask What The Heck You’re Up To!

Dear Amazing Soul,Yes, you are amazing, whether obvious or hidden… and you are full of power.

Perhaps your massive inner giant is sleeping, but it is there, I guarantee it.

I am not saying this to flatter you, this is true whether you believe it or not, and it’s never too late to tap this power, grab your life, and live it like a high soaring eagle, full of pride and miraculous accomplishments.

The TITANIC source of power within you is the same power that I have seen small skinny children and seemingly fragile senior citizens use to smash boards with their bare fists!

We can tap this power to smash our obstacles, real and mental, and get what we want in life… wealth, love, health, etc… when we learn how to awaken this unbeatable force, and sleeping giant.

YOU are the only thing stopping YOU from getting what you want.

Let that sink in a moment, because it is a VERY exciting thought and it’s TRUTH. Your future is in your hands. What will you do with it? What do you want?

Outrageous wealth? Freedom to do what you want? A fit and healthy body? It’s time you let yourself think big… really big.

I want to help you unleash your power, open the flood gates of motivation, if you will kindly listen for a moment.

History reveals a wealth of examples of great men and women who have achieved earth-shaking goals, even against incredible odds. Their proven experience shows patterns that are not difficult to imitate and make your own.

But there is a reason why the vast majority never even try… who live bland, wilted lives, about as exciting as burnt toast. And without judgement, it’s healthy to ask, “why do they accept a sad existence that doesn’t even come close to their real potential of a thrilling and inspiring lifestyle of fulfillment”?

To be blunt, why do so many live and die… boredto death?

A great, and courageous man by the name of Anthony De Mello, also known as “The Vatican Censored Jesuit Priest”, shares a challenging story regarding your inner potential, giving the simple reason why the vast majority of people fail to escape mediocrity… as if sleep walking… doomed to a “spectator” couch-potato boredom, with hazy, distant dreams and an unfulfilled life…

Mr. De Mello, now recognized (after his death) by many thousands as a modern day saint, was particularly fond of telling this “wake-up call” story…

“An American Indian warrior found a lone, unbroken eagle egg on a mountain cliff edge. Not seeing the nest nearby, he took the egg with him and placed it under a brooding chicken in his village to see if it would hatch.”

“When the moment arrived, the little eagle did indeed hatch together with all the fuzzy yellow baby chicks.”

“As time passed, the eagle learned how to ‘cockle-doodle-doo’, to roost, to scratch for little worms and bugs, to jump up to the lowest branches of nearby trees, and to squawk, just like a chicken. His whole life passed in the firm belief that he was a “Big” chicken.”

“One day, now very old, the eagle looked up into the sky, and saw something wondrous. Up there, in the infinite blue, he saw a majestic bird soaring with no apparent effort. The old eagle was deeply impressed at the sight.”

“He turned to the nearest chicken and asked, ‘what amazing bird is that?’. The chicken looked up and said, ‘Oh! That’s a golden eagle, the king of the skies. But don’t bother thinking about it, you and I are here, stuck on the ground, old friend’… and they went back to scratching for worms ”

“The eagle didn’t look up into the sky any longer, and eventually died convinced that he was a chicken. All the others treated him as such; thus he believed, thus he lived, thus he died.”

Break The Mold… You Too Are That Golden Eagle!
Or Do You Prefer To Die One Day As A Chicken?

I don’t mean to insult you (or chickens)… but I do challenge you to examine your life for a moment… there are moments when we are all “chickens”, what’s tragic though, is when we believe that we have no choice, and it becomes a habit, then a way of life that we take to the grave.

This doesn’t have to be the case… and it’s never too late to open our wings and fly!

Here’s a true story to show you the power of our thoughts, towards ourselves and towards helping others to believe in themselves…

A famous american psychologist conducted an incredible test. Do you know what he did? Well, before the end of the school year in a local high school, he had all the graduating students of a class take an intelligence test.

The psychologist then chose the names of 12 students. He then went to each of their professors and said, “these 12 students are very highly gifted individuals, they will participate in your lessons. Next year, you will see, they will all be in the top positions of your class. Please just promise that you won’t say anything about our conversation, as this could have negative impacts on them.”

He Was A Sneaky Fellow

Now, this psychologist was lying! There were not any highly gifted individuals among this “super gifted 12″… he made it up, it was part of his test. He had just chosen them randomly… but the professors didn’t know this.

The psychologist came back a year later to find that something incredible had happened.

Every single one of the “super gifted 12” had increased their intelligence by a minimum of 12 points! Some had increased it by as much as 36 points! And when the psychologist asked the professors what they thought of these “super gifted 12”, immediate adjectives such as, “intelligent, dynamic, full of life, interesting, etc” were a part of the response.

This experiment has been repeated again and again, even with animals, and the result is always the same… even with mice! They always become more than what they were before the test.

These students didn’t change because of outside forces, but because outside forces helped them to believe in themselves!

The opposite is also true, we are conditioned to think like “chickens”, and thus we believe, live, and die… like chickens.

What If We Start To Imitate The Giants Of Success In How They Think And Achieve Things? What If We Start To Believe In Ourselves Like They Do?

Answer: Miracles happen. Radical positive change takes place. Power replaces mediocrity… We obtain the growing conviction that we can realize our dreams, and improve our lives.

This is an exciting thought… isn’t it?

Some of you may want…

  • greater wealth,
  • a better job,
  • to be your own boss,
  • to become a better athlete,
  • to become a better musician or artist,
  • to have more energy,
  • to be a better husband or wife,
  • to become a top student,
  • to acquire the will power to eliminate bad habits or lose weight.

The “dream” list is infinite… and so is your potential to realize your dreams.

What’s critical is to learn how to start to achieve your goals, then DO IT!

3 Steps To Achieve Your Goals

STEP ONE: Ignite The Fire Within And Do Something!

Perhaps the greatest key to achieving your goals is passion. Determination springs from inspiration and/or desperation. You have to let loose with an almost fanatical passion to succeed, never allowing anything to get in your way of achieving your goal.

You have to act, and you have to stop listening to the “chickens”!

STEP TWO: Acquire Unnerving Energy And Discipline

Discipline is not a popular word, but it is essential towards greatness.

Luke warm attempts arrive at luke warm results. Those who put in the extra mile, go the extra mile, it’s that simple. If there is a unifying thread that ties movers and shakers together in the world, it would be energy, and in almost all cases, some form of great discipline.

STEP THREE: Follow Proven Roadmaps To Success

No need to reinvent the wheel, others have gone before you, and have achieved what seemed to be impossible goals, follow their examples!

This last step can help us tremendously to develop the first two steps as well. By reading inspiring stories, seeing clear examples, witnessing impossible odds overcome, with clear roadmaps, can indeed give us more passion, more energy, more discipline.

This happens much like a microphone that goes into a continual loop of sound feedback… i.e. we get the inspiration to start, we see some small changes, this inspires us further to continue, and on and on and on… till our goal is achieved with a BOOM!

It all starts with one small step…

If You Are Ready To Ignite Your Passion, Become A Dynamo Of Energy And Discipline… And Want To Positively Change Your Life, Even Dramatically…
Then You Are Ready To Read…

36 laws

36 Laws To Ignite Your Inner Power
And Realize Your Dreams Now!

Acronyms, Stories, Pictures And Quotes
Easy To Remember And Use Everyday
To Grab Your Life And Soar With The Eagles

Why Acronyms, Stories, Pictures And Quotations?Because it is proven that acronyms, especially 3 letter acronyms (as in this book), stories, and pictures are the teaching elements that stick the best in our minds, and are the easiest to remember.

It might be useless to read motivational literature if we immediately forget about it! For this reason, every single one of the 36 Laws To Ignite Your Inner Power And Realize Your Dreams Now!, is explained using easy to remember 3 letter acronyms, accompanied by lots of helpful stories, examples, pictures and quotations.

I am not only an award winning martial arts instructor with 25 years experience, I am also an awards winning school teacher, now retired… I am intimately familiar with the best methods of memory retention, and have applied all my knowledge on the subject into this book.

This makes 36 Laws To Ignite Your Inner Power And Realize Your Dreams Now! totally unique in the motivational field… you will easily remember the concepts, which will give you a higher chance of actually applying them! I have seen this with my students over the years… it works!

“It’s A Winner!”

“John Watson’s ’36 Laws to Ignite Your Inner Power and
Realize Your Dreams Now’ is a winner. Using interesting and entertaining stories, clever graphics, and a pleasant, conversational writing style, John puts the keys to gaining control of your life into a simple format that ANYBODY can use. Get it now!”

Pat O’Bryan
Milagro’s World

“Make this book your blueprint to a successful life. Pure gold. “

“Hi John

36 Laws, What a wonderful book.
I have read many self help books over the years but few have grabbed my attention like this one.

The manner in which this book is written makes it essential reading for anybody who is looking to improve their life.

36 laws will give you the knowledge, courage and inspiration to live your dreams.
I can’t recommend this book highly enough.

Using an acronym, this is a really B.A.D book, Brilliant, Awesome Dynamic.
Make this book your blueprint to a successful life. Pure gold.”

Stuart Rider

“Truly inspired after such a short time”

“Dear John,

AMAZING!! Pumped up already. I have only started reading now & only up to page 41; making notes, lists, things to hang up in my office. Truly inspired after such a short time. I am so excited about where I am going on this adventure.”

Tracey from Australia

“I Have Never Come Across A Book Like Yours That Summarises All The Major Techniques And Ideas In One Place”

“Dear John,

Yes, life is hard. To make anything of your life requires effort and perseverance.

There are many techniques out there aimed at improving your chances of success but I have never come across a book like yours that summarises all the major techniques and ideas in one place.

I read it, learned from it, and will be better off.

Thank you”

Daniel Burke

“Looked At My Life And
Put It Into Top Gear”

“After reading the book, I stepped back looked at my life and put it into top gear. The principles laid down are simple because they just remind us to remember. I have no hesitation in recommending this book to anybody in whatever profession they are pursuing.”

 Dr David Dyer

“Inspires Enthusiasm”

“Each chapter is thought provoking, using quotations, acronyms or examples of life experiences which reinforce the ideas.

It makes a compelling read and inspires enthusiasm.”

Nicki Spriggs

“Cartoon Visuals Well Done”

“Good stuff. Cartoon visuals well done. Very well presented”

Michael Hickox Phd

“Really Opened My Eyes”

“I found this book a great self help aid, a concept that really opened my eyes to facts that are under all our noses.

The author creates many true and amusing analogues, which I have found very interesting and useful for setting my own personal goals and way of achieving them.”

Michael Spilling

“Enjoyed The Message”

I enjoyed the message. 36 Laws reminded me in a very natural way of the simplest rule of success, reap what you sow. The success is not always financial, but the result is the objective to which you aspired.

Peter Moore

“Uplifted by your book”

Dear John,

I felt uplifted by your book,especially the 106 losses race-horse that reminded me of myself in the local council elections which I run as a candidate in every four years (since 1990) and finish last (except once); people say to me “why do you bother?” and I reply that I know WHO I’m voting for,that’s why!
The story from the Talmud also reminded me of myself climbing (or shovelling) a mountain of telephones to make a clear path through life……so far I’ve been shovelling for twenty five years,but the shovelling seems somehow easier nowadays!

Laurence Williams
BT engineer

Here’s What You Will Discover Inside…

  • Three Words To Help You Take Flight And Achieve All Your Goals (See Introduction)
  • Why Praise And Blame Are Deadly Viruses To Your Success…And How To Become Immune To Them (See Chapter One)
  • How To Focus Your Energy Into A Tight, Sharp, Success “Cookie Cutter” (See Chapter One}
  • Why “Perfection” Loses The Money Race To “Doin”…By Miles (See Chapter Two)
  • How To Put More Kicks Into Your Day… (See Chapter Three)
  • Three Tiny Words That Can Make A Titanic Difference When You Climb The Success Ladder (See Chapter Three)
  • How You Can Be A Magnet Of Attraction Even As You Get Older and Uglier (See Chapter Four)
  • How To Cut Your Losses And Spring Forward With Grace (See Chapter Four)
  • Transform An Injury Into A Glorious Blessing That Inspires Joy, Not Pain (See Chapter Five)
  • Lose Weight But Keep Your Money (See Chapter Five)
  • One Word Which Can Empower You To Finish Whatever You Begin (See Chapter Six)
  • The Secret Power Of A Small Bucket To Move A Mountain (See Chapter Six)
  • Unleash Your Bulldog Power Of Persistence (See Chapter Seven)
  • Learn The Unmovable Power Of Staying Calm (See Chapter Seven)
  • Effortlessly Fly Forward With The Full Power Laws Of The Universe (See Chapter Eight)
  • Get Off Your Duff And Follow Your Treasure Map To A Prosperous Future..(See Chapter Eight)
  • Discover And Unchain Your Inner Genius (See Chapter Nine)
  • Find The Simple Two-Word Prayer That Can Work Miracles (See Chapter Nine)
  • How To Get On Well With Your Children By Using One Simple Technique (See Chapter Nine)
  • How To Zoom Towards Your Success By Doing Things Faster (See Chapter Ten)
  • How Failure Can Make You Happier (See Chapter Ten)
  • The Positive Power Of The Two Greatest Days In Your Life (See Chapter Eleven)
  • Uncover Your Magic Inspiration “Hot Buttons” And Launch Your Inner Missile (See Chapter Eleven)
  • Use Two Simple Secrets That Won Olympic Gold (See Chapter Eleven)
  • Discover The Massive Power Hidden Within A Simple Grocery List (See Chapter Twelve)
  • Why The Accountable Person Also Counts The Treasure (See Chapter Twelve)
  • Five Action Steps to Achieve Your Goals Now! (See The Section after Chapter Twelve)


I 100% Guarantee That You Will Find
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P.S.Turning your life around may take time just as it takes time to turn a great ship around but gradually and inexorably your life will turn around and take you to places you only fantasized about

You will learn how to remember these great laws and how to practise them daily

One of these laws could improve your life beyond recognition.

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