Fun Tests

Fun TestsPreparing for religious education exams need not be a miserable and boring experience.

Preparing for such exams can be fun if you prepare using the most effective methods. Even taking the actual exams can be fun if you have prepared well. Most teachers know this already.

This ebook looks at one of the most powerful but simple techniques available for religious education exam preparation. Get to grips with the key problems that exams cause us by using this one technique. You may already use it.

We survey the power and the enjoyment of mindmapping and of memory methods that make sure you remember by using your imagination.

Learn the enormous power of acronyms to stir curiosity and to aid memory.

Use the energy of competitive quizzes and games to get the revision done.

Help the class have a good laugh as they revise by using
the power of pressure and punishment testing.

Even if you learn only one very useful new idea to help your students prepare for their examinations, it will be worth studying this book.

If you do not find the book helpful, you will receive an immediate refund.

Many of the methods described above have been used in the award winning career of the author – John Watson (aka Jack Watson) – who taught in three London Comprehensive schools over a period of thirty years. He prepared classes for Religious Education examinations at all levels. He also prepared students for some English examinations.

Read the book; try some of the ideas and you may find your students are looking forward to their Religious Education exams.

A top Ofsted Religious Education Inspector has given his seal of approval to many of the methods described in the book. Read the Introduction to the ebook. These methods not only interest the students. They encourage and assist learning.

The book (one of a series on teaching Religious Education) is now available at a very low cost.

If the book does not help to improve your teaching, just ask for a refund.

The cost of this ebook is $9.97 (about £5 depending on the exchange rate).To order through Paypal, click on the link below