Follow My Leader

Follow My LeaderIf you are a teacher or anyone interested in education and especially Religious Education, you may have found interest and enthusiasm flagging half way through a lesson.

The ebook ‘Follow My Leader – Lively Lesson Breaks In Religious Education’ is designed to help you and your students
have a relaxing and amusing break in the lesson. Everyone can then return to work with renewed energy.

The breaks are also educational and will help students think about key religious and moral topics.

The author, John Watson (aka Jack Watson) taught in three London Comprehensive Schools over a period of 30 years and received teaching awards for his work in Religious Education.

Every word of the book is based on hard won experience. The ideas suggested in the book work.

They have the approval of a top Religious Education Ofsted Inspector who commented on the way the ideas inspired learning as well as a spirit of enjoyment and fun.

Would you like to have pupils rushing down the corridors to get to your classes? Try the ideas in this book and see what happens! This ebook is the fourth in a series of ebooks about Religious Education teaching.

If the book does not turn out to be useful in your teaching, just ask for a refund.

The cost of this ebook is $9.97 (about £5 depending on the exchange rate).

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