Fight Boredom!

Fight BoredomEnjoy teaching again by using the arts to teach your students.

Try drawing cartoons on the board. They don’t have to be good. You can learn to draw cartoons simply by copying cartoons again and again. Eventually you will develop your own style.

Try using a ventriloquist’s dummy to liven up your lessons. Try acting, miming, clowning, performing magic, singing, rapping and even dancing. You can have a go or your pupils can have a go or both of you can encourage each other.

Many of the arts have been used in the award winning career of the author – John Watson (aka Jack Watson) – who taught in three London Comprehensive schools over a period of thirty years.

Read the book; try some of the ideas and you may find pupils learn faster and enjoy their lessons more because more of their intelligences are involved – see the comments on the home page on the seven intelligences.

A top Ofsted Religious Education Inspector has given his seal of approval to the methods described in the book. Read the introduction to the ebook. These methods not only interest the students. They encourage and assist learning.

The book (one of a series on teaching Religious Education) is now available at a very low cost.

If the book does not help to improve your teaching, just ask for a refund.

A whole series of eight books are now available.

The cost of this ebook is $9.97 (about £5 depending on the exchange rate).

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